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Some of the Workplaces we Represent

Static Electricity Control (SEC) continue to expand the supply

of static electricity control, earthing and bonding and lightning

protection equipment and services. The workplaces that

experience static & lightning related issues are diverse.


From children's playgrounds and retail spaces such as

supermarkets & corporate offices to manufacturing

facilities, airports/ defence  and mining sites.


Static control and lightning protection equipment unlike

other controls are often difficult to locate on site, however

their importance as a control is just as significant. Though

almost impossible to see, one of the worlds most recognized

structures "The Eiffel Tower" in Paris is protected by an

SEC/France Paratonnerres ESE Lightning Protection System.  


Static and Lightning related issues are more widespread and affect more workplaces than one might think.

The lists below are a small representation of the workplaces and applications supported by SEC.


The lists of industry & applications are not a complete representation of all industry and applications supported by SEC.

If you do not see your workplace represented and require assistance in relation to static electricity/lightning, please click here 





Asphalt /Asphalt Manufacture & Transfer

Automotive Parts & Spray Booth

Chemicals/Chemical Storage & Transport

Converting Plastics & Paper


Electronics & Electrical Parts

Environmental Services & Suction/Jet Blasting processes

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

FibreGlass Manufacturing/Moulding

HeliPad Services

Glass/Ampules & Bottle Manufacturing

LPG/LNG & Hydrogen Processes


Medical & Bio Medical

Mining & Mining Services

Mining Transport



Packaging & Packaging Manufacturing

Paints & Coatings

Paper & Pulp


Plastics Manufacturing & Moulding


Digital Printing

Wide Format Press

Gravure Printing

Retail & Corporate Spaces

Tanker/Road & Rail Transport

Textiles & Geo Textiles    

Outdoor Structures/Bridges/Playgrounds

Commercial & Industrial

Data Centres

Energy/ Solar and Wind

Schools and Government Buildings

Telecommunication & Broadcasting

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