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Service flexibility for our Clients

Static Electricity Control (SEC) believe in a collaborative approach to static electricity control and lightning protection. It takes a team to understand, assess, specify, design, install & maintain a static electricity control and lightning protection solution.


SEC provide numerous training and customized training packages. Contact us to discuss your training requirements or to create your own site specific training package.

Services such as site audit, site survey and site reports are critical in assisting

clients in better understanding their issues or why something has gone wrong.

SEC provide auditing and reporting services to our clients, including post incident

investigation services for  SHE/HSE teams, insurance investigators and regulatory


SEC assist clients and regulators in relation to Incident Response and Investigation.

SEC are often required to work with clients and investigators on why a static shock

incident has occurred or how static or lightning contributed to a fire or explosion. 

SEC can provide on site Static Electricity Control Assessments to assist clients in understanding hazards and associated risks and whether or not a static electricity control plan is required.

SEC were the first company in Australia & NZ/Oceania to create what is now referred to as a Static Electricity  Control Plan. SEC are leaders in this auditing process and report program and have assisted numerous clients in completing and maintaining their on site static control plan.

SEC can assist their clients by engaging the services of trusted specialists including hazardous area assessors, hazardous area inspectors, research and development scientists, field technicians, geologists and specialist installers just to name a few.  

SEC are authorized repairers for France Paratonnerres, Meech and Newson Gale equipment. 

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