Static Electricity Control (SEC) and Lightning Protection EPC (LPEPC) in conjunction with Alltec, Meech & Newson Gale specialise in the supply, service & maintenance of static electricity control and lightning protection equipment across the industrial sector. With the provision of on-site testing and training programs and access to SEC/LPEPCs testing and simulation facilities, our clients are able to better understand their static and lightning related issues and specify the correct static electricity control and lightning protection equipment for their application or process, saving considerable costs as a result of misdiagnosis and incorrectly specified or installed static control or lightning protection equipment.


SEC/LPEPC in conjunction with Alltec , Meech Australia/Meech International & Newson Gale International are able to provide global experience whilst ensuring you receive the best possible local service.


If required SEC/LPEPC, Alltec, Meech & Newson Gale will facilitate a client conference call including global product engineers and design teams both in Australia and the UK/USA to assist in the correct specification in accordance with "best practice" and international & Australian/New Zealand standards and regulations.

SEC/LPEPC has experience in projects across SEA and Oceania. Alltec, Meech and Newson Gale have experience across the globe. This global experience coupled with SEC/LPEPCs local experience is available to our clients so that they may better understand their static electricity and lightning related issue and the controls and services necessary in finding an appropriate solution.